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Getting Down and Dirty with Detox

Detoxification diets, or detox diets for short, involve consuming only certain foods or juices. Different people may have contrasting definitions of what constitutes a detox diet, but generally most of these diets consist of only fruits and vegetables.

In many cases, detox diets prescribe juices only, as opposed to solid fruits and vegetables. The idea behind this is that the digestive system is given time to rest so that the detox process can take place.

What is it about these foods and juices that allegedly remove toxins? According to naturopath Linda Page, ND, it appears to be vitamin C and water that does the trick. But is there any evidence that any nutrient can help with detox?

Where’s the evidence?

The human body naturally removes toxins through the liver in two phases: oxidation and conjugation. During oxidation, the liver burns toxins with the use of oxygen and enzymes. Oxidized chemicals are then combined with sulfur, amino acids or organic acids, and excreted in bile during the conjugation stage.

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