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Wine, is it really good for the heart?

While this video doesn't talk a lot about wine, it does briefly talk about increase how wine increases triglycerides in the blood. And an increase of triglycerides increases risk of heart disease. Now wine does have anti-oxidants, but so do berries, grapes, and most other fruits. Grapes have the same heart-healthy resveratrol that wine is known for. While I certainly do not believe in condemning wine or other alcoholic beverages, I disagree with the idea of consuming wine for the health benefits when you can get the same benefits from fruit without the alcohol.

To read more about resveratrol, check out the link below:

Looks like grape juice has more resveratrol than red wine, but less than sparkling wine.

Looks like grape juice has more resveratrol than red win, although less than sparkling wine.

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