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Pumpkin-Spice Carrot cake

Fall is still in the air, and winter is around the corner. We all love pumpkin spice lattes. So how about a pumpkin spice carrot cake. You don't even have to cook it. Below is the recipe. Initially, it has a texture of an oatmeal crumble. If you put it in the fridge for 4-8 hours, it hardens and has more of a solid cake texture.

1) 2 carrots

2) 1 cup ground pumpkin seeds

3) 1/2 cup psyllium husk (you can get on Amazon)

4) 1 cup monk-fruit or stevia powder depending on tolerance for sweetness

6) 1 Tbsp cinnamon (optional) 7) 1 zucchini (optional) 8) 1 inch slice of ginger or 1 tsp of ginger powder (optional)

9) 1 tsp turmeric (optional)

First mix the carrots in a food processor. Put it in a mixing bowl, or to save time, you can put it in tupperware or other container you plan to store it in. Do the same with zucchini if you are using. Then grind the pumpkin seeds and add it to the mixture. Then add the psyllium husk powder. Psyllium husk is a binding agent, and it also is high in fiber. Add the sweetener and cinammon. Add all other ingredients. Mix everything with a whisk. There should be enough moisture, but add water as needed. Store in the fridge between 4 and 8 hours (ideally 8). Enjoy.

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